Benzlers/Radicon is investing £500,000.-

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Our goal, when it comes to customer service, is as simple as it is clear – we want to be “best in class!”.

To pursue this goal, the management has activated a massive investment program, whereof one is a £500,000. - investment in the state-of-the-art Oracle Cloud ERP system.

The outcome will not only be a better customer service and a more seamless interaction with present and coming partners, it will also allow us to support business structures for the future, where we foresee a request for deeper integration between our customers and Benzlers.

System implementation is already in process, and it will affect abilities to manufacture, as well as to control material flow for the remaining part of 2018, where there may be irregularities in deliveries.


   £500,000.- investment

   Better customer service

   Seamless interaction

   Deliveries will be paused


Pls. bear with us for a short period of time during the transition period, and use your local Benzlers office if you have urgent issues:

Sweden Mail: Phone: +46(0) 42–186800

Finland Mail: Phone: +358(0) 9 340 1716

Norway Mail: Phone: +46(0) 42-186800

Denmark Mail: Phone: +45 26 78 77 35

Germany Mail: Phone: +49 0800 350 4000

Holland: Mail: Phone: + 31 77 324 59 00

Italy Mail: Phone: + 31 77 324 59 00

Other countries Mail: Phone: +46(0) 42-186800

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