Modified standard

Benzlers modificeret standard

   Easier installation

   Replacement of another brand


   Smart gear solution

At Benzlers, we have a long history of adapting our gears to the task at hand. We will often go “out of catalogue” and make adjustments, additions, etc. that will make it easier for our customers to install the gear.

We do customisations on both our gear motors and our industrial gearboxes. The scope of the customisations can be anything from just adding a sprocket to more extensive structural additions, frame components, baseplates, etc.

When switching from other brands, we offer "drop in place" solutions that can be incorporated without the need for changes in the machine's design. We customise our products to fit the existing installation space.

The advantages are obvious – as a Benzlers customer, you can benefit from our high level of competence in mechanical transmissions and the manufacture of industrial gears even if your machine is fitted with another brand.

For the initial assembly, we help to keep costs down by delivering a product that is already adapted to the customer's own design, thus minimising the working time involved in the assembly.

Our staff of engineers and engineers are ready to help and make suggestions on how a modified standard gear can be fitted into your construction.

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