Consulting, Service & Rebuild


   Acute service

   Rebuild of gears

   Energy Optimisation

   Process Improvement

   Technical advice

   Training of personnel

Benzlers is one of the preferred industrial partners in our areas of expertise, which include gears, gear motors, industrial gearboxes and other mechanical transmission components.

Our own service technicians will do repairs and maintenance at existing factories, both in acute breakdown scenarios and in the case of a planned expansion or upgrade.

We will do rebuilds of industrial gear drives when, for instance, the worn gear unit can no longer be obtained from the original supplier. We will often be able to upgrade the output significantly within the same physical framework.

We act as consultants and advisers, both to production companies and in collaboration with their advisers, in connection with process- and energy-optimisation tasks.  
Our engineers and technicians are highly appreciated in the industry and are recognized for their high level of competence.

With the establishment of the Benzlers School, we have in recent years trained our customers' maintenance personnel and engineers in the correct dimensioning and maintenance of gearboxes and transmission elements.

Benzlers has an impressive reference list in this area.  If you are interested in hearing more about these services, please fill out the form - and we will contact you immediately.

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