Industrial Gear drives

Benzlers Industri

Product specifications

Feature Data
Sizes 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21 and 22
Power Up to 1 860 KW
Torque Up to 162,000 Nm output torque.
Gear ratios Up to 315:1 og 70.000:1 by combining units.
Output shaft Up to Ø 240 mm.
Special features Available in the ATEX version. Can be supplied on a base plate.

Benzlers series E G industrial gears are the right solution for demanding applications with medium and large torque requirements.
The design of the gear geometry combines maximum efficiency with high load capacity. Besides that, the design minimises noise, even at high loads.

In designing and developing this gear type, our engineers have given thought to its entire life cycle. That has resulted in a design which is easy to service, making maintenance easy and resulting in a long life cycle.

Available with an angled axle (helical bevel gear) or with a parallel shaft arrangement. The output configuration will be with a hollow shaft or a fixed output shaft.

This industrial gear series includes customisation options such as cooling systems, reverse locks, shrink discs on the output axle, IEC B5 engine flanges for direct coupling of electric motors and more.

Also, there are some adapters for "free" placement of the motor and a system of base plates which makes it possible to place the entire drive line on a construction of your own design. This makes installation easier and assures that the system is correctly positioned.

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